About Us

Meet Kate Ross

You don’t know me, so you’re here to find out more about how Kate Ross and Aspen Franchise Consulting might be able to help you navigate the process of choosing a franchise. That’s smart.

Here’s some validation of what you can expect from working with me …

Support and Guidance

I’ve been where you are, so I understand the sense of overwhelm you may be feeling trying to decide between ALL the choices available to you. Franchise ownership is a big decision, and I want you to know that you’re not alone.

If you’ll let me, I’m here to give you the support you need to relax a little and maybe even enjoy the process of becoming a franchise owner.

It’s my job to listen to what you want from a franchise and then help you find a good fit. I match the details of what you want with specific franchise opportunities that will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself (both financial and lifestyle).

My goal is to help you establish roots that will sustain you through many seasons to come.


There’s an aspen forest in the Fishlake National Forest in southern Utah that has over 40,000 genetically identical individual trees and a shared root system spreading over 106 acres. It’s called the Pando Clone, and it’s thought to be 80,000 years old. Talk about a large and “complicated” family tree!

Aspens commonly multiply by sprouting new shoots and suckers from the roots of the existing trees. These aspens that are identical and share a root system are called a clone … hence, the Pando Clone’s name. (“Pando” is Latin for “I spread.”)

You can probably see why this inspired me to name my franchise consulting practice Aspen Franchise Consulting.

Connection and Exceptional Value

Like the aspen trees that are all connected to one another, and even like the relationship between franchisee (you) and franchisor (your brand of choice), we are all connected.

I’m vested in your success because it is also my success.

Become one of my consulting clients, and you’ll become part of my professional pack … without the dog hair on your clothes. I’m a dog and cat person, so if we ever meet in person, I’ll probably have a few pet hairs sticking to my clothes! I also love drinking espresso and playing doubles tennis … we can do one or both of these if we ever meet in person, too!

Become one of my clients, and you’ll get all 20+ years of my business experience behind you as you make this important decision and embark on the new and exciting path of becoming a franchise owner.

All the phases of business ownership are distinct and different, and I’ve successfully maneuvered through them all. You’ll get the benefit of my experience from starting businesses, to running their daily operations, to adding structure and revenue growth to profit from selling them when it was time to move on.

The difference for you is that you’ll have me right there with you. I didn’t have the safety net of a process or person to help me when going into business. It’s this marriage between the two that I would have really wanted back in the day. And it’s this that I’m now offering you.

Take the first step towards the special freedom and support gained by going into the franchise business by requesting more information or scheduling your risk-free, no-cost consultation with me.